Friday, February 8, 2013

Flu cases drop again. 2,362 Lab Confirmed cases

Flu cases, as reported to the CDC have dropped again to 2,362 laboratory confirmed cases (FluView:

This marks 5 consecutive weeks that lab-confirmed cases have dropped.  But, since CDC keeps revising numbers for previous weeks, this is hard to pin down.   Research requires keeping previous sets of reported numbers to compare with current numbers.

But, the big picture is that out of US population of 312 million, only 2,362 cases have been confirmed.

We are still waiting for major media outlets to pick up this story.  They continue to trumpet the CDC’s flu scare message.

By the numbers…

For Week 5 (ending Feb 2, 2013)

A (H3)                                                   1026

2009 H1N1                                              74

A (Subtyping not Performed)                   640

B                                                             622

TOTAL                                                   2,362

Friday, February 1, 2013

Confirmed flu cases drop for fourth straight week in 2013

Laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza have dropped for the fourth week in a row, according to a report published by the CDC (FluView:

Despite hard evidence of a declining flu season, CDC is still preaching the gospel of “flu is widespread” with the media playing along as willing lap dogs.  And, nearly every news story trumpets the benefits of flu treatments such as Tamliflu and Relenza, even though a review of clinical trials provides compelling reasons to doubt the efficacy of these treatments.

Also, news reports rarely mention hard numbers.  The public might become wary of the “flu is widespread” story if the number of laboratory confirmed cases were widely published.

However we will happily report them here:

Number of laboratory-confirmed cases for 2013 -

week     1              6287
week     2              6104
week     3              4427
week     4              2701

One wonders how long the CDC will be able to keep up this charade.